New Care Bears Costume Collection, Including Comfywear Onesies for Adults

Rubies are excited to announce the launch of their new adult Care Bears costume collection for EMEA. This
vibrant collection features the iconic characters, including Cheer Bear, Good Luck Bear, and Grumpy Bear, now
available as Comfywear onesies.

Designed with full nostalgia in mind, these onesie provide fun and fond memories while being extra comfy.
Whether worn for a cozy night in or as a standout costume at events and parties, these onesies provide the
perfect blend of comfort and style.

The Care Bears Comfywear Onesies are made from premium materials to ensure durability. Each onesie
features the signature colors and unmistakable symbols associated with the respective Care Bears. The Cheer
Bear is adorned with cheerful rainbow stripes and a heartwarming rainbow emblem, while the Good Luck Bear
features a playful shamrock pattern and the iconic good luck symbol. For those seeking a touch of grumpiness,
the Grumpy Bear boasts a cloud and raindrop pattern with the iconic grumpy face emblem.

“Our new Care Bears costume collection celebrates another fans favorite to our portfolio, of which many of us
grew up loving these beloved bears, whilst adding the modern style of the characters” said Fran Hales, Head of
Portfolio at Rubies. “We are looking forward to offering more Comfywear Onesies to the range, with the
perfect mix of costume and apparel for our consumers.”

The Care Bears range is available in a range of sizes, customers can purchase these costumes directly from the
Rubies website or contact for more details.