As a worldwide leader in fancy-dress costumes and a global company, we have previously released our ranges under numerous size charts and guides in order to appeal to a wide range of audiences and countries.

To create uniformity and a concise collection of products globally, as a business we are gradually transferring all of our ranges into a new ‘global size guide’. The benefits of this transition are limitless, but primarily it will make life for you, our valued customer, easier than ever before. Instead of products being labelled in three different sizing variations, we are gradually changing them all to the same one, so measurements and sizes will be uniform across the world and every product we sell.

What does that mean for you? Whilst we commence this globalisation of product packaging, it may mean that there will be a slight overlap with products appearing in both their old sizing and the new global size chart. Don’t worry though, as always, our size measurements in precise heights and centimetres are printed clearly on the outside of each and every piece of packaging where appropriate, so both you and your customer will understand clearly what size the product is.

Size Guide 1 – UK Sizing

Size Guide 2 – US Sizing

Size Guide 3 – AUS Sizing

Global Size Guides

Brand & Product Specific Size Guides