Rubies is a household name which has dominated the costume market for over 70 years.

As the largest designer, manufacturer and distributor of 365 licensed and non licensed dress up products in the world, its portfolio of properties features everything from Star Wars to Warner Bros and Mattel. The company recently chose to integrate iwocaPay as an alternative payment method to the traditional trade account, and we sat down with Tim Mulhall, CEO, to find out why.

Rubies prides itself on always going the extra mile for its customers – a mindset which is clear at every business touchpoint, from its stock availability to its distribution networks.

“As industry leaders, we always stay ahead of the curve on trends, both with our products and with our business management”, says Tim. Constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve the customer experience, the team wanted to offer more flexibility for those looking to spread the cost of payments. “Historically, we’ve offered little by way of trade credit, but partnering with iwocaPay means we can now provide credit to all of our eligible customers, allowing them the flexibility to choose the products they want, whenever they want them. It really is a game changer.”

The reason Rubies thinks iwocaPay will be  a ‘game changer’- freedom.

“iwocaPay offers freedom”, he explains, “and this is essential when it comes to purchasing decisions. In the current market, we’re finding that all our customers, from national chains to independent high street shops, really appreciate freedom and flexibility. Now with iwocaPay, they have the opportunity to decide how and when they pay.”

As an industry which experiences substantial peaks throughout the year, such as Halloween and Book Day, many of Rubies’ customers have to cater to seasonal high demand. “Although our business operates 365 days of the year, selling a whole range of products high in play value, we see a lot of customers buy for global events and holidays. Naturally, this means their cost of stock fluctuates frequently”, explains Tim. Now, with iwocaPay on board, customers can choose to split the cost of a big order over a longer period of time. “They get to decide how and when they pay for large orders for those peak seasons, allowing them access to more stock than ever before.”

“We love that iwocaPay provides freedom for both the customer and the business manufacturer. For them, they have more choice than ever before on how and when to pay. For us, we can feel confident in the knowledge that we have increased financial safety when selling to those using credit.”

The iwocaPay monthly payments approach is simple – yet customers feel like they’re getting a tailored payments plan which works with their own cash flow. “We’re now able to cater to each customer’s individual circumstances and needs – something that we’ve always been proud of, but now we can really push that mission even further.” With iwocaPay, customers can access up to £30,000 and spread that cost over three interest-free monthly payments, while Rubies is paid the full amount immediately after purchase.

As Rubies looks to the future, iwocaPay will be a driving force for sustainable growth and industry innovation.

“Our business is focused on sustainable, healthy growth whilst expanding what we do and which products we serve to customers. In the future, we see ourselves maintaining our place at the forefront of technological and business advancement in the industry, only with more wins and more milestones behind us. iwocaPay allows customers to access all of this and much more, with the added benefits of freedom and flexibility.”

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