Rubies Masquerade Recognized with Silver Award in Play for Change Awards for Promoting Diversity & Inclusion with Adaptive Costume Range

Rubies Masquerade, a leading provider of costumes and accessories, proudly announces their recent achievement of receiving the Silver award in the category of Diversity & Inclusion at the esteemed Play for Change Awards. This recognition commends Rubies for their exceptional efforts in breaking barriers through their innovative Adaptive costume range.

The Play for Change Awards serve as a platform to honour organizations promoting inclusivity and diversity, with a special emphasis on initiatives and toys that challenge existing norms. Rubies’ Adaptive costume range stood out for its exceptional commitment to inclusivity, offering an expansive collection of costumes that cater to individuals with diverse needs and abilities.

“We are delighted to be awarded the Silver prize in the Diversity & Inclusion category at the Play for Change Awards,” said Georges Ghougassian, CEO of Rubies France. “Our Adaptive costume range is a result of our unwavering commitment to inclusivity, enabling all individuals, regardless of age or ability, to experience the joys of creative play.”

The Adaptive costume range by Rubies goes beyond traditional costume offerings and empowers individuals of all backgrounds to fully participate in the enchantment of dress-up play. Designed with adaptive features such as adjustable components and easy-to-use fastenings, these costumes ensure comfort, accessibility, and versatility for a more inclusive experience.

“With our Adaptive costume range, we aimed to challenge existing norms and redefine inclusivity in the world of play,” added Ghougassian. “We firmly believe in providing opportunities for children of all abilities to express themselves and feel represented. This award is a testament to our dedication in realizing this vision.”

By acknowledging Rubies’ Adaptive costume range with this esteemed Silver Award, the Play for Change Awards recognize the company’s pivotal role in creating positive change and promoting acceptance through imaginative play. Rubies remains committed to its mission of fostering a more inclusive society through innovative and inclusive products.

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